Treasure Trails Reinvented

BASIC Discovery Edition

This entry level Snigglehunt system is treasure-rich, and designed to open a magical world to your visitors’, bringing:

⦿ interactive ‘gamification’ to your facility
⦿ each module works with our range of Snigtags (keys etc.)
⦿ supports thousands of simultaneous visitors
⦿ each visitor carries a personal Snigtag (key) to explore 

Each Snigglehunt Discovery module provides:

⦿ themed sound effects & themed ambience backgrounds
⦿ touch-triggered speech, information & sound effects
⦿ integrated high voltage relays to control visual effects
⦿ player tracking
⦿ with optional customisation of sounds & effects



This is an upgrade to the Discovery edition.

It requires more investment bringing a compelling multi-dimensional redemption game where success is measured in prizes & rewards by adding:

⦿ player timing & scoring
⦿ visitor start & redemption kiosks
⦿ back office game server & control system
⦿ variety of destination scoring features
⦿ optional prize dispensing units & kiosk certificate printer



This is a significant enhancement to the Hunt Add-on. 

Challenge features more involved and challenging missions than the basic Hunt Add-On. The infra-structure will require a larger investment for the control server, visitor kiosks, media content, theming and the the various physical challenge apparatus used by visitors, plus requisite project management.