Treasure Trails Reinvented

Sniggles are ancient magical creatures that have many responsibilities and lived amongst us for years - although they can be mischievous!

Have you ever put your car keys down, only to find them missing the very next second? It is a good chance a Sniggle was playing a prank on you.

They love to educate and challenge both the old and the young. Young children can often be heard having a discussion with an “invisible friend." This invisible friend often is a Sniggle that the child is talking with. It is a fact that children can spot a Sniggle and will play, talk and laugh with them. Adults find it difficult to see Sniggles, and must seek the help of children when looking for them.

The most important responsibility of a Sniggle is to help man protect the Earth. They offer their knowledge and share their ancient secrets with those who seek them out.