Treasure Trails Reinvented
Kiosk - Book of Secrets

This is the place where visitos register to activate and finish their game.

It is a themed panel called 'The Book of Secrets' containing game information, stories and video play-back specific for each visitor and attraction.

The system is controlled through a tablet PC and displays content on a colour screen activated only by the visitors tag.

When visitors return during the game the screen displays additional information such as hints and tips on their game, along with current play statistic such as time and score.

There is an internal printer, for issuing visitors with a thermal certificate at the end of their game as a souvenier and to redeem against winnings.

The thermal certificate should be used to redeem against prizes or F&B (food & beverage) - It is important that every visitor wins something even if it is small e.g. lollipop.