Treasure Trails Reinvented

Do you provide on-going support?

⦿ Yes, VEQTOR products come with an optional lifetime support program to manage your daily wear and tear.

⦿ All Snigglehunt modules are ‘Plug and Play’ so your own service personnel can diagnose and fix faults quickly.

Is it easy to upgrade to Hunt & Challenge?

⦿ Yes. The basic Discovery version is the entry level building block. To upgrade to Hunt and Challenge simply requires the addition of new equipment to existing infrastructure. 

⦿ Your investment in Discovery destinations and Snigtags (keys) is fully preserved.

Does VEQTOR provide special effects?

⦿ Yes - we have a range of special effects, and Discovery will integrate with your current items

Can we customise the sounds & media?

⦿ Yes - Snigglehunt is fully customisable

⦿ Pick from our library of themed ambience & effects & media art, or present your own to our creative team.

⦿ Custom sounds and media can be provided by your team at time of purchase or added later as you enhance the adventure.

⦿ We work with a London-based media company to provide professional video, audio, and character voice overs as required.

Can we customise the destinations?

⦿ Yes - you can pick from our catalogue of existing themed destinations housing, mounting kits and artworks

⦿ If you’d prefer to incorporate the technology within your existing structures we can provide just the IP65 electronic enclosure to suit.

Can we customise the SnigTag?

⦿ Yes - you can pick from our catalogue of tags (keys & bracelets), or we can design a custom SnigTag just for you.

Do we have to use Sniggle characters?

⦿ No, the use of Sniggle characters is optional and the system can support putting your own characters within the media. We offer a full media production service to assist.