Treasure Trails Reinvented
Destination - Standard IP56 box design
Destination - Themed Treasure Chest design
Destination - Themed Barrel design

These are the places which visitors are hunting for during the game - generally themed or containing within exsiting structures.

The core technology is supplied in a robust waterproof IP56 box suitable for all wether conditions. Designed with no moving parts means the chance of faulty parts is very rare.

Each destination is built with an internal speaker with rich audio game feedback and MP3 sound/music effects synthesizer. When visitors touch their tag to the destination there is an instant audio feedback with themed effects on bonus or penalty announcements plus the option of multi-lingual stories.

The in bulit special effect relays triggers a mix of simple effects of using you exsisting un-used effects throughout your facility.

Real time scoring feedback during the game is available at visitor information kiosks.

Supports multi-zone game areas for long range game play, which can be designed to suit player demographics such as the big kids (including us adults) verses the littles kids.

Powered via 9-12 volt mains or optional rechargeable VEQTOR smart battery pack (say goodbye to the old days of swapping out batteries) plugs straight into the chargers for 12 hour long life lithium power. Chargers are either located back at a main building or can be connected to our solar power chargers - perfect for outdoor woodland locations.