Treasure Trails Reinvented
Forest Adventure - aerial ropes course
Forest Adventure - aerial ropes course
Forest Adventure - aerial ropes course

Since 1991 - the team here at VEQTOR has been designing, building and installing interactive, themed electronics that enhance visitor attractions to make them more compelling and entertaining.

VEQTOR has been manufacturing Adventure Game systems for over 20 years; producing one of the most durable and easy to configure systems on the market that supports hundreds of players per hour.

VEQTOR brings you the latest MUST-HAVE attraction for your venue - the SniggleHunt™.  Never before has adding an interactive SCAVENGER HUNT been so easy, inexpensive and fun for all. 

VEQTOR products have been manufactured by its subsidiary and associated companies since the late 1980s. The first products manufactured for the leisure and amusement industry were interactive laser games and shooting galleries.

Various companies have marketed these successful products produced by VEQTOR under their own labels during the 1990s. This rich product history has resulted in some of TODAY'S finest interactive adventure based products. 

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