Treasure Trails Reinvented

What is it?

- SniggleHunt is an interactive, electronic treasure hunt type quest, which adds timeless fun for all ages of guests and visitors to explore, discover and make magic happen during their stay within your facility.

How it Works?

- With the help of new technology and advances in electronics, we now have the ability to seek out and play, while visitors laugh and engage with endearing characters and story lines

Game Objectives?

- Players follow selected mission trails, within the themed game arena, where they complete physical and mental challenges to collect points and win prizes.

Celebrate Success?

- The completed mission is rewarded with Winnings; such as certificate printout, trigger prizes, photo souvenir or published player status on the web linking to social networking sites

Perfect for?

Theme Parks

Family Entertainment Centres

Soft Play

Shopping Malls


Bowling Centres

Holiday Parks and Campgrounds

Outdoor Attractions such as mazes, mini golf, areal high ropes etc.

Mobile events operators